20th Annual Arizona Aloha Festival

Let’s get all Hawaiianed up and check out the 20th Annual Arizona Aloha Festival!

The festival features several stages of live entertainment, including music, dance and lectures. There is also an Island Marketplace of vendors offering traditional crafts, clothes and jewelry as well as a food court offering up some of the favorite foods of the people of Hawaii and the South Pacific.

In other words, there is a lot to do and even more to see so grab your lei and enjoy the afternoon with us as we pretend as though we have been magically transported to Hawaii. Best of all, admission is free (you can’t say that about the real deal) so join our ohana (“Lilo & Stitch” taught us that that means family) and hele hele mai kakou e!

UPDATE: I will, unfortunately, be unable to attend the event due to some last-minute work obligations. However, I am suggesting that everyone meet at the entrance and am hoping that someone will make their phone number available in the comments below to ensure that everyone is able to locate one another.

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