Camping at Bartlett Lake

Lets all meetup and have a great night together with friends out at the lake. It will be COLD I can promise you that, so bring clothes, we will build a fire.
Hot Chocolate
Great Views
Great Friendships
A Fire

Also bring all necessary camping gear, here is a nice list for some thoughts.

• Food

• Alcohol

• Cards against humanity or other games

• Your dog

• Warm Clothes

• Tent

• Water

• Cooler

• Air mattress

• Yourself

• Fun

• Tonto Pass

I am trying to make this really easy by providing maps to get there. This lake is just outside Scottsdale about 30 min. Its a great lake and we will likely be the only ones there besides a few fisherman so we can be loud. Try to carpool but if you will be driving your car, please pick up a $6.00 Tonto Pass ( or risk being fined. See below for map.

Once in Bartlett Dam recreation area follow this map.

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