Different Point of View Cocktails & Food with View

Join us at this unique location in the Terrace Room with a beautiful view for a drink and maybe some food.

Menu: http://www.tapatiocliffshilton.com/interactive/The%20Terrace%20Room%20-%20Menu.pdf

Different Pointe of View is a distinct and unforgettable Phoenix dining destination that over its 31 year history has evolved into a culinary experience just as memorable as its stunning views atop North Mountain in Phoenix.

The genius of Different Pointe of View is its aptitude to make fine dining an enjoyable and relaxed experience.

Guests of this renowned, mountaintop restaurant are treated to an innovative and bold menu in an atmosphere that is as sophisticated as it is approachable.

Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the dramatic panoramas of the Valley’s desert landscape, the city’s twinkling lights and Arizona’s colorful sunsets. Whether seated indoor or out, the sense of dining on top of the world cannot be ignored.

Different Pointe of View’s breathtaking views of the Valley landscape, magnificent worldly flavors and skilled staff create a fine dining experience like no other.

Different Pointe of View Terrace Room
Hilton Tapatio Cliffs,
11111 N. 7th Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Disclaimer: http://www.meetup.com/phoenix20s/pages/General_Disclaimer_Terms_Conditions/

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