Exclusive Movie Screening of Abandoned Mine (PG-13)

Hey guys! My friend – Jeff Chamberlain, who’s a movie director and producer is having an EXCLUSIVE ONE NIGHT ONLY SCREENING of his new movie: ABANDONED MINE on August 15th in Phoenix and 14 other cities. It’s a PG13 Psychological Thriller and stars Alexa Vega (SPY KIDS).

Jeff is on a mission to send a message to Hollywood that – “INDIES” DESERVE TO BE SEEN IN THEATERS!” So would love to get as much support as we can!

It’s a nice clean scary movie and especially suitable for younger generation crowds with a positive message embedded to encourage young adults to make smarter decisions. The tickets $10 each and can only be pre-purchased via this link: http://gathr.us/screening/5183


If you’re up for a Movie Night Out, bring your family, friends and young adults at home, it will be a good fun night out!

BUY TICKETS NOW: http://gathr.us/screening/5183 

Join in if you can! :) 

To watch the movie Trailer: http://www.abandonedminethemovie.com/ 

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AbandonedMine?ref=br_tf 

INVITE YOUR PHOENIX AREA FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/529327670453933/ 

PRE-PURCHASED TICKETS ONLY: http://gathr.us/screening/5183

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