Game Night at Bretts (Not Board Games)

Games night at Brett’s will be a rotating series every 2 weeks on Monday until I get tired of hosting.  It will cycle through stuff like, Poker, Billiards, Maybe some Halo competitions, Ladder Ball, Cornhole, etc.  All will be played tournament style with a single winning pot at the end of the tournament.

Each week will be just a $5 buy-on and possibly raise it depending on the crowd. Limit 10 people per week, we want to be outta here at a decent hour its a school night.

First night will be poker.  Limit is 8 participants.  The waitlist will be open to maximum of 2 for people that cancel last minute or can’t make it.

Next week will be billiards with better rule posted later.

BYOB and don’t forget your buy-in in cash.

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