Gold Fish Racing!!!!!

That’s right!!!! Come visit Arcadia Tavern to race gold fish with other meetup members! We did this a few weeks ago with one of my other groups and it was a BLAST!!! Come out and try this amazing experience!

The Place: 4801 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

The Time: This Thursday, 9 p.m.

The Cover: Free

Arcadia Tavern is distinctly divided — part-restaurant and part-bar. The latter is a basic sports bar, complete with flat-screen televisions and a crew of young, female bartenders. On Thursdays, the tavern features $3.50 drafts, $4 well drinks, $5 you-call-its and $6 premium drinks. Goldfish Racing includes a thematic offering as well, $20 Fish and Chips with two Dos Equis draft pints. 

​The Fish: Show up. Pick a fish. Name it. Grab a straw. Blow more bubbles at your fish than the other people. If you do that, you can win prizes such as a $25 gift card. This Thursday also included a Miller Lite towel and beach chair prizes. Typically, the evening includes two to three competitions, so if you lose the first round, stick around for half an hour or so and try again.

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