Hike Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle

We’ll be hiking Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle, which has a great view of Weaver’s Needle. Google it to see photos! The trail is about 5 miles. A carpool will be leaving from Fry’s at Southern and Mill in Tempe at 9am. We’ll meet at the back of the Fry’s parking lot, near Mill Ave on the side with the Jack in the Box. I drive a little black Toyota Corolla. If someone would like to arrange another carpool, please comment below. The drive will take about an hour, and I’m guessing the hike will take about 3.

Directions can be found here: http://www.outdoor.com/activities/backpacking/arizona-peralta-trail/

Please bring 3 liters of water, a snack, and cash for your driver. There is a chance of rain, so you may want to bring a rain jacket as well. We may stop for lunch on the way back. Message me if you’d like my number, and see you Saturday!


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