Salt River Tubing: Memorial Day Weekend 2014

You can’t spell Memorial Day Weekend without Salt River Tubing! (Whatever. I don’t care. I didn’t major in math.) We’ll meet at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, May 25 at the Salt River Tubing and Recreation Center ( where we’ll all get quickly acquainted and either rent our tubes and board shuttles to our launch point or coordinate carpools to and from our launch point and end point. Please read the following pro-tips as some have recently changed in an effort to keep the party fun and drama-free:

• We hope to begin floating downstream at 9:15 a.m. Do NOT be late because we will NOT wait for you if we are ready to push off shore.

• The cost per person, which includes tube rental and all-day shuttle service, is $17. Please note that a valid drivers licence or other identification is required for tube rental deposit.

•  If you have your own tube, shuttle service is $14 per person (size restrictions apply). Some of us will be purchasing $6 passes to park at Points 1 and 4 and coordinating carpools.

• Please bring an old bed sheet to cover your tube (it is going to get hot) and wear a hat, sunglasses and water shoes. Please also remember to bring plenty of sunscreen.

• Alcohol is permitted on the river but if you wish to drink please BYOB. Please also do so responsibility and note that glass containers are prohibited by law. 

• Some of us will be bringing rope to tie our tubes together. This is not technically “against the rules” but please note that SRTR generally advises against it.

• Last but not least, please do your absolute best to get along with others. If your personality clashes with that of someone else for whatever reason, either grin and bear it or choose a different raft or cluster of tubes.


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