Salt River Tubing: The Sequel

The Aug. 18 Salt River Tubing trip was so successful that I have been asked to organize a sequel before the summer is over. The river closes to tubers at the end of September so we have got to start thinking about doing this soon – especially since we may have to reschedule it if it looks as though thunderstorms are in the forecast. For now, let’s plan for Sunday, Sept. 8.

If you attended the last event, we would love to have your company again. If you missed out, this is your chance to not only have the most fun that you will have had all summer but also spend “4 hours just floatin’ on a tube” with some of’s awesome members. And you tend to really get to know people on an intimate level when you are surrounded by nothing but water and soggy marshmallows.

Just as last time, we’ll meet up at 9 a.m. at the Salt River Tubing and Recreation Center in Mesa. Last time, I received a lot of flack for listing an address that Google and other GPS/Maps services randomly lead to one of two different locations; one correct and the other out in the middle of nowhere. So this time, please refer to the driving directions on the center’s official website ( And plan your departure time for a few minutes earlier just in case you get lost.

If you are running late or cannot find us, please call me at 623.455.6412. Please also note that cell reception in the area is spotty so if I do not answer, keep trying or try texting. Once we are all there, we will rent our tubes and board a shuttle to our launch point where we will then allow the river to take us on a relaxing journey through some spectacular scenery. You are free to exit the river at the first exit point but I would be willing to bet that you will be having so much fun that you will want to ride the rest of the river.

As I said earlier, let’s plan for Sunday, Sept. 8. We can, of course, push the event to a different Sunday if, in approaching this weekend, it looks as though thunderstorms will prevail. Please also post a comment if you want to attend this event but cannot do so this weekend just in case we need to reschedule. Again, we had a blast last time so let’s try to raise the bar a bit and wave goodbye to summer in style – with as many members as possible!

We’ll also cap off the fun with a late lunch/happy hour at Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace for anyone/everyone who is interested in having a discussion about the inevitable antics after the main event. Happy hour starts at 3 p.m. so we’ll aim for that. Having said this, you may want to bring some dry clothes to change into. Of course, you are not obligated to attend but we would love to have you!

Here is some more helpful information:

• The cost per person, which includes tube rental and all-day shuttle service, is $17. Please note that a valid drivers licence is a required deposit for every five tubes rented. Alternatively, if you have your own tube, shuttle service is $14 per person.

• Please bring an old bed sheet to cover your tube, rope to tie our tubes together and wear a hat (or “Survivor” buff, if you have one), sunglasses and water shoes (your flip-flops may get lost). Of course, if you do not want to fry like a fish, please remember to also bring plenty of sunscreen.

• If anyone has an extra tube and a cooler – or, better yet, a floating cooler (not Styrofoam) – please bring it so that we can put any snacks, beverages, etc. in it. Please note that glass containers are prohibited by law so only plan on bringing plastic or can containers instead.

Please also post any questions or comments below and stay tuned for any potential modifications to our plans or additional details about this event. I am genuinely looking forward to enjoying this event for the second time this summer, enjoying the company of our awesome members and hopefully making a few new friends as well! Again, if you need to get a hold of me for any reason, my cell number is 623.455.6412.

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