Salt River Tubing

Summer is almost over and we only have a few more weeks to enjoy blazing hot temperatures (the forecast calls for partly sarcasm). So let’s go tubing on the Salt River!

For newbies to the tubies (OK, I’ll stop), we’ll essentially all meet at the Salt River Tubing and Recreation Center, 9200 N. Bush Hwy., in Mesa where we’ll rent our tubes, receive a quick crash-course in Salt River etiquette and board a shuttle to our launch point at which time we will hop into our tubes and allow the river to take us on a relaxing journey through some spectacular scenery.

Let’s avoid the busy Labor Day holiday weekend and instead plan for Sunday, Aug. 18. We can, of course, switch to a different Sunday if something else works better for enough people so please post a comment if you want to attend this event but cannot because of the date. But, for now, let’s aim for Sunday, Aug. 18. Here is some more helpful information:

• The cost per person, which includes tube rental and all-day shuttle service, is $17. Please note that a valid drivers licence is required for tube rental deposit.

• If you have your own tube, shuttle service is $14 per person. Please note that size requirements for tubes on the shuttle apply and you can visit for additional details about this.

• Please bring an old bed sheet to cover your tube (it is going to get hot) and wear a hat, sunglasses and water shoes (your flip-flops may get lost). Of course, if you do not want to fry like a fish, please remember to also bring plenty of sunscreen.

• If anyone has an extra tube and a cooler – or, better yet, a floating cooler (not Styrofoam) – please bring it so that we can put any snacks, beverages, etc. in it. Please note that glass containers are prohibited by law so only plan on bringing plastic or can containers instead.

• We may want to bring some rope to tie our tubes together so that nobody gets left behind (or worse – rushed away by a quick current). Please note that while this is not technically “against the rules,” the Salt River Tubing and Recreation Center generally advises against it.

Please post any questions or comments and stay tuned for any potential modifications to our plans or additional details about this event. You may call or text me at 623.455.6412 on the day of the event to ensure that we can all find one another and depart together.

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