Sushi Happy Hour @ Big Eye Sushi Bar North Scottsdale

Big Eye Sushi Bar in North Scottsdale is still running their grand opening All Day Happy Hour special. Join us for Happy hour at 7pm. The menu spotlights never frozen fish, only fresh caught. Even the maki us rice sparingly. The rolls instead accessorize the tightly bundled fish and vegetables with such adventurous ingredients as chipotle cream sauce and thin slices of lemon. Orders of sashimi arrive with fragrant ginger sauce or jalapenos.

$3 Specials:
California Roll
Spicy Crab Roll
Avocado Roll

$5 Specials:
Philly Roll
Tootsie Roll
Las Vegas Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll
Chicken Yakitori

$7 Specials:
Surfer Roll
Yummy Roll
Chimichanga Roll

Drinks Menu:

Big Eye Sushi Bar
(480) 862-7874
14144 N 100th St, Scottsdale, Arizona

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