Swanky Post Happy Hour Hangout at AZ 88

A cool upscale Artsy restaurant that features live performance DJ entertainment from our very own Scottsdale Meetup Member DJ Ascension. If you’ve ever been interested in how to DJ you’ll enjoy watching the live hands on class with his top students. Delicious menu and strong drinks, they do have special discounts after 10pm

Its located in the Civic Center of Old Town next to the Saguaro hotel, so if its a nice night totally suggest walking around to see the night lit art pieces.

And for those that don’t work Wednesday or for you crazy party animals we can walk over to the Tuesday night dance spots afterwards and keep it going til the AM :)

AZ 88
7353 Scottsdale Mall. 
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 

Disclaimer: http://www.meetup.com/phoenix20s/pages/General_Disclaimer_Terms_Conditions/

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