Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill – Live Music

It’s my kind of place, just walking through the front door puts a bit smile on my face.
It ain’t too far, come as you are, I love this bar.

If you know these lyrics, then you will most likely enjoy this bar just as I do.  There is good country music playing, large beers served in a mason jar, and did I mentioned the deep fried Twinkies? There is plenty of room, an nice little outdoor patio, decent country crowd, and lots of 2-steppers getting down on the dance-floor.


Stephanie Easton Band:¬†Energetic. Exciting. Edgy, but always Classy! Welcome to the sound and feel of the five piece contemporary country band -The Stephanie Eason Band (SEB). With a blend of new country, rock, bluegrass, and pop, SEB delivers hit songs that appeal to a broad audience while staying true to Stephanie’s country roots. Stephanie’s inviting performance style has an undeniable “girl next door” charm that perfectly complements the band’s accessible, melodic sensibilities. Add in over 125 performances a year filled with boundless live energy, and it is no surprise that The Stephanie Eason Band has won over critics and fans worldwide.

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