Top Golf @ Riverwalk

Hey, everyone. Not sure how many have been to Top Golf before but it’s a lot of fun, even if you suck at golf. Believe me, I’ve seen the worst of the worst and they still end up having a good time. They have pool tables, TV, and obviously drinks, too. I’ll be bringing some friends but I need to reserve the event for 12+ in order to make sure the bays are adjacent and we get a spot since they’re always busy on Friday & Saturday. Sooooo…..BRING FRIENDS so I don’t get screwed..hahaha :)

Here’s the plan. I’m going to reserve an event for 13. This means that I need RSVPs to be as accurate as possible, thanks. It costs $50, which includes clubs, food, soft drinks, and 2 hours of play. If you want to drink like me, it will be extra. 

I’ll be standing outside beforehand to collect $50 (so bring cash plz lol) from everyone so we go in as a group, but I won’t be there forever since our time starts at 8:00. I’ll be wearing a blue shirt and there will be a sign that says “Aaron Is Awesome” or “Meetup Event”.  If you’re running late, text me so I can go get you outside and tell them your with our group. Afterwards, if people are down we can go to a bar or something.

If you have any questions text me 623-755-1959.


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