Ultimate Spoons: Pool Party Edition

Legend tells of a game played by awesome people who worship the almighty spoon and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure they possess one. For if they do not, their very survival is at stake. This… is Ultimate Spoons.

Join us for a potluck at KC’s place (address will be sent to all RSVPs one day prior to the event) during which this intense new sport will be played poolside. The rules are simple… but winning is not. I will supply the cards, spoons and trophy as well as a dessert. You just bring something else for the potluck (we can coordinate in the comments below), your swimsuit (or other clothes that you do not mind getting wet) and a desire to win (while having fun). Call or text me at 623.455.6412.

How to Play Ultimate Spoons:

Players sit in two rows with spoons spread out in between them. There are two fewer spoons between them than there are players in the game. One additional spoon is located at a distance, usually after some sort of obstacle. (For Ultimate Spoons: Pool Party Edition, the additional spoon will be located in the pool.)

Each player is dealt four playing cards from one or more shuffled decks and can never have more than four playing cards in their hands at any time during the game. The dealer then selects one card from his or her hand to pass to the opponent on their left while picking up a new card from the deck. All players simultaneously select one card from their hands to pass to the opponent on their left while picking up the card that he or she has received from the opponent on their right.

When a player collects four cards of a kind, he or she takes a spoon from the center as subtly as possible. When one player does this, every other player must do likewise as quickly as possible, with the final two players left spoonless having to race one another through the obstacle to the additional spoon. The player who is unable to produce a spoon at the end of the round receives an X. Once a player receives three X’s, he or she is eliminated from the game.

Once only two players are left in the game, only the additional spoon is used. The player who is first to collect four cards of a kind must race through the obstacle to the additional spoon. However, the other player can still win if he or she is able to outrace his or her opponent through the obstacle to the additional spoon. The last player left standing wins the game… and the Golden Spoon.

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