All members who participate in events with this group do so at their own risk. Members are responsible to bring these conditions to the attention of any guests they bring to an event and participation in said event is taken as an acknowledgement that they have read and understood these conditions. 

Members need to satisfy themselves that the event they are attending will be within their physical capabilities and within their personally accepted risk profile before taking part. This group offers no advice on this nor accepts any responsibility. By joining this group you agree that your photo may be taken and used to promote the group and by joining you grant full license for unrestricted use.

This group offers no insurance or assurance for any events but hopes that members will have a good time in each others company.

This group is not an entity nor does it have any office bearers or officials and no person or organizer can be held accountable for any financial loss, injuries, death or otherwise that may occur as a result of an event advertised on the calendar. If the Event Host is the owner, employee or servant of a company offering services to an event advertised then any claims arising from the above will be with that company alone.

NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! Take a Cab or get a friend to pick you up. Remember to always obey all laws including traffic and pedestrian.

In an attempt to maintain quality in the group; members who regularly do not attend events they RSVP to without updating their RSVP status, who frequently receive complaints from other group members, or who do not fit the requirements or profile of the group may be removed from the group or denied membership on those grounds, at will, on no grounds, or at the organizers discretion.

Please note a clear current photo of the member is required along with all profile questions answered in order to join. Membership is not guaranteed for any reason. Our meager membership dues of $11.36 is strongly suggested and not having paid the membership dues immediately following or prior to requesting to join can be a reason to deny current and/or future membership.

In the event that a group member hosts an event in which they collect payments or deposits on behalf of the third party as an entry fee, meal payment etc; and retain no portion of that money; then any dispute arising out of dissatisfaction or non delivery of service is a dispute solely with the third party and members shall completely indemnify the Event Host and group from any blame, compensation, or legal action as a result of that dispute. You agree that certain fees including the group membership, ownership fees, transaction, planning, organization, or other fees may be recouped by the owner of the group in varies ways and indemnify the owner of any and all claims or legal matters or responsibility.

Please note that event hosts and members are not allowed to assign drivers to cars. Instead they may ask people to volunteer and coordinate rides in the comments. You may only officially book transportation that is otherwise going independently and has their own insurance. Otherwise it is a private arrangement between you and the transportation separate from this meetup group. 

In an event that a host does assign you a location, room, or driver, you waive all liability by attending the event.

You hereby agree to these terms through perpetuity throughout the universe forever…..

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